Asian Pies is a collection of heirloom recipes with comprising curries, stews and desserts that have been creatively adapted as fillings for pies and tarts. It is an award-winning cookbook co-authored by home bakers Evonne Lyn Lee and Sarah FC Lee. Recipes were taste-tested by an independent panel of food tasters to cater to different tastebuds. Every recipe has clear and concise step-by-step instructions and comes with tips for successful baking. There’s a troubleshooting guide, baking techniques, hot baking tips for the newbie baker.


Heartfelt thanks to friends from Malaysia and Singapore and yet others who chipped in to help – Chuei Mey, Connie Lee, Margaret Phan, Aunt Linda Wee, Robert Low, Klein Tan, Lee Bee Chan, Michelle Tham and Lim Cheng Wan.

Perhaps the best blessing came from total strangers – Jeremy Long who snapped several recipe step-by-step images, Suja Manoj who demonstrated her butter chicken recipe at a dinner gathering and the motorcycle shop owner who gave us a small fridge. Plus the vendor at my neighbourhood morning wet market who willingly emptied a gunny sack needed for the photo shoot.

This book is dedicated to our beloved late mothers – Ninie Lee Kim Hiang and Hui Sow Chan – for having given us a strong foundation in Asian cooking.

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This book is dedicated to our beloved late mothers – Ninie Lee Kim Hiang and Hui Sow Chan – for having given us a strong foundation in Asian cooking.

Asian Pies cookbook is the fulfilment of a prophetic dream that goes back to 2009. In that vivid dream, I was browsing through the colour proofs of a food-related publication.

Our award-winning book has been made possible by God; my friendship with Sarah spanning several decades and the continual encouragement of our families, friends and neighbours.

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Cookbook Authors:
Evonne Lyn Lee is a PR consultant and recipe developer. Evonne has always had a passion for Southeast Asian cuisine. Each time she travels, she draws inspiration from locals and culls ideas to develop new recipes. Evonne handles the recipe site of an award-winning publication – STORM Asia magazine; and was formerly developing and contributed recipes to Food & Travel, a leading food magazine in Singapore. She has also written editorials for publications in Malaysia and Singapore.

Sara FC Lee has been baking pies since she was 11 years old. Her first taste of chicken pie was at a friend’s birthday party more than 40 years ago. It got her hooked to pies and she decided to try her hand at baking them. An instinctive cook, she has successfully developed several variations of fragrant, buttery and crisp shortcrust pastry to complement the many pie fillings in Asian Pies. Sara volunteers at a home for underprivileged children.

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